Check out photos of Young woman caught cheating beaten up by wife and her friends

- 8/09/2016
Jungle justice in photos of woman caught cheating with another woman's husband is brutally beaten up by the angry wife and her friends.
Woman caught cheating beaten up by wife

It was a vicious beating that lasted several minutes. Shocking  photos captured the vicious beating of a young woman at the hands of several others who suspected her of being a mistress.

The man's wife was leading the beating. Among the group of assailants is thought to be the wife whose husband had allegedly been involved in an extramarital affair with the young victim.

The viral images and video were taken in an unnamed city in China.
Wife and her friends beat up young woman caught cheating

The young victim who was wearing a green dress could be seen lying on the ground covering her face and screaming in pain as they assaulted her.

Others, presumably friends, joined the angry wife to beat up the howling woman.  At least three others, thought to be the wife and her friends, surrounded her and attempted to strip her of her clothes.

They kept hitting her. The attackers repeatedly struck the victim leaving her red and swollen.

They also struck her on the thighs and backside with a shoe until she was covered in horrific bruises.

Reports said witnesses did nothing to stop the beating, which carried on for several minutes.

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