Curvaceous girl mocked and threatened with knife now a plus size model

- 8/05/2016
Curvaceous plus size model Diana Sirokai was bullied so much by body shamers, but it didn't stop her from living her dream.
Big sized model

At a point, the curvy young woman was even threatened with a knife by jealous bullies.  But guess what; she is now a finalist in a nationwide modelling competition!

She is a beautifully big and shapely woman. 20 year old Diana Sirokai who wears a dress size 16, narrated how she stood up to her attackers and refused to give in to their negative comments.
Girl bullied by body shamers becomes plus size model

Instead she gave herself comments and compliments that raised her self esteem.

'I love how I look and I want to be confident'.

Bullied excessively at school. Diana, who was born in Hungary and grew up in North London, was victimised during her school years.

They even attacked her for her curvaceous figure after she modelled and appeared in music videos.

Other girls just couldn't control their  jealously and hatred for her.

They constantly taunted the 5 feet 4 inch Diana, who works as a nail and beauty technician in a salon owned by her family.

They kept telling her she was ugly, but she fought back. But her action  only drew more criticism to her.

In her own words.

'The bullying truly started when I was doing modelling,' explained Diana, who is in the top 10 of plus size lingerie brand Curvy Kate's model competition.

'I did a few music videos for London rappers , so kids that were my age would see the videos and they didn't' really like it.'

Jealously encouraged Diana's worst critics, who refused to accept the young woman's confidence.

'When I was going to college it was tough, even though I didn't take it in much - I didn't want to listen to them.'

One day, in the worst incident, Diana was threatened with a knife by a college peer who had mocked her about her looks. When she didn't budge, the hater showed her a knife and promised to meet her after classes.

Thankfully, Diana survived that incident.


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