Didier Drogba was the best says Nemanja Vidic former Manchester United defender

- 8/05/2016
Didier Drogba was the toughest.

Even great defenders have their nemesis.

For Legendary Manchester United defender  Nemanja Vidic, it was the powerful Chelsea striker.
Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic calls Didier Drogba the best

He was difficult to handle. Vidic revealed that his toughest opponent was Chelsea hero Didier Drogba.

It wasn't Torres. This revelation may come as a surprise to Liverpool fans, who saw Fernando Torres give the legendary centre-back a hard time on several occasions.

But for Vidic, Torres doesn't even come close.

He even rates Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero as the best forwards he faced, ahead of the Slippery Spaniard.

'Drogba was tougher' The Red Devils defender said.

'Torres always created a chance to score, but Drogba was on you for the full game,’

'People say: 'You had a difficult game against Torres’, but it was just the one game.

About that memorable match that will remain in the memory of Liverpool fans for a long time.

'I went to head the ball but changed my mind and tried to pass to Edwin [van der Sar]. I misjudged the distance and Torres scored.'

Nemanja Vidic summed up his hardest opponents.

'Drogba was physically the hardest; (Luis) Suarez and (Sergio) Aguero were the best.

He went on praising the Ivorian's prowess.

'Drogba would be even better if he didn’t get so many injuries. They were the top three I played against’

This is what he said when quizzed about the current all-action Chelsea striker Diego Costa:

'How would I deal with Diego Costa today? I’d deal with him like I did the others. You are what you are and I played my own game against everyone.'

Vidic played for Manchester United for eight and half seasons before moving to Italy in 2014.

He retired from football aged 34.


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