Edward Tenniswood who murdered India Chipchase used to drink with George Best

- 8/04/2016
More shocking facts emerge in the brutal murder of India Chipchase.
George Best and Edward Tenniswood

It has been revealed that the loner who murdered India Chipchase once lived almost next door to Legendary footballer the late George Best.

Back then, the killer even drank with the football icon in his local pub.

The dark minded Edward Tenniswood owned a £1million flat near the Manchester United and Northern Ireland star’s home in West London some years ago.
Convicted murderer Edward Tenniswood

Alcohol bound them together. The pair were both alcoholics – and residents who knew them said that they bonded while drinking together in the nearby Phene Arms.

George best famously died years later from years of alcohol abuse.

52 year old Tenniswood on the other hand is now serving a life sentence after being convicted on Tuesday of raping and murdering beautiful India, a 20 year old.

The premeditated murder occured after Tenniswood lured the drunken barmaid to his squalid flat in Northampton from outside a nightclub in the town and killed her.

He used to live like a king in an expensive flat. Before moving to the Midlands in the late 1990s, Tenniswood lived in a top-floor apartment on posh Oakley Street, Chelsea.

popular footballer George Best, who died in 2005, lived in a flat just four doors away with his wife Alex.

One of the residents said:

"George was in there all the time. The pub became famous because of him.

"Tenniswood was known as Eddie and was a strange, quiet man.

"I saw the pair of them in there together quite a bit."

Strangely, it was revealed that Tenniswood had paid for the flat with money stolen from his father's family business.

His father eventually discovered the Theft and disowned him. 
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