Female prison officer faces prison for having affair with female inmate

- 8/15/2016
Disturbing facts emerge as female prison officer who had affair with a female inmate could go to jail.
Female prison officer Melissa Priestly

The officer is now facing jail time after she admitted to having an affair with an inmate.

She confessed to the illegal act and did not contest the charge. Melissa Priestly, admitted having sex with prison inmate Leonie Kinnish, 28, who is serving five years for robbery after being locked up last January.

Convicted criminal Kinnish herself did not testify at the hearing at Durham Crown Court.
Female prison officer has affair with female prison inmate Leonie Kinnish

During the hearing, it was revealed that certain letters were discovered in Kinnish’s cell at Low Newton Prison.

The court also heard that she was previously of good character during a short hearing on Friday.

Melissa Priestly was warned that she faces a possible prison sentence by judge Christopher Prince.

Her sentencing shall be carried out in September.


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