Gruesome death as Google account manager found dead naked and burned

- 8/09/2016
Tragic and gruesome. Google has lost a priced staff in a most devastating way.

A Google account manager has been found dead in 'horrific' circumstances after vanishing while jogging in woodland near her mum's home.
Female Google accountant found dead

She was stripped of her clothing. The body of Vanessa Marcotte27,  was reportedly discovered naked and burned in a wooded area of Massachusetts, US, on Sunday night.

She was probably sexually molested by her killer. Detectives are now investigating the possibility that the 27-year-old was sexually assaulted before being set on fire and killed at the site.

Internet search giant Google has paid tribute to Vanessa.
Photos of Google account manager who was found murdered

Vanessa, who lived in New York City, was reported missing by her concerned family after going for a jog on Sunday afternoon.

After a frantic search, her body was discovered seven hours later naked and burned with fire.

She had burns on her hands, feet and head.


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