Healthy mum dies suddenly while feeding her baby daughter

- 8/05/2016
Death struck a mum in a most unexpected way.

She did this everyday;feeding her two, month old daughter, whom she had given birth to without any health complications.
Young mum dies while feeding two month old daughter

She was fine and then collapsed just after mentioning to her husband that she felt ill.

Tragically Deanna Rose Gioia, a new mum died while feeding her baby daughter in her arms after telling her husband: "I don't feel well".

No record of ill health. 35 year old Deanna had no known health conditions and had delivered two-month-old daughter Adrianna without any problems.

Shocked. But her family have been left devastated after she suddenly become unresponsive at her home in Staten Island, New York.

She was still holding the baby in her arms. Her husband Richie rushed into the room, where she was still cradling little Adrianna.

Hopeless. Deanna was rushed to hospital but it was too late, she could not be saved.

In her devastated mother's words.

"Just like that, she was gone," said Debbie DiSalvatore, her mother.

A friend also expressed her shock and pain:

"She was in good health. She didn't have complications giving birth.

"We don't know what caused this."

The late Deanna had worked as a nurse. She had been with husband Richie since they were teenagers.


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