Horrific death as 3 year old boy mauled to death by pet dog in gruesome attack

- 8/19/2016
The horrible death of 3 year-old boy  mauled to death by pet dog in a gruesome attack in an Essex town has shocked the public.
3 year old boy mauled to death by pet dog

Dog attacks and mauls 3 year old Dexter Neal to death

The sheer violence of the incident and what must have been excruciating pain and horror for the toddler is simply heartbreaking. 

Dexter Neal was airlifted to hospital but tragically died from his injuries.

Death took a long time coming. Shocked neighbours said they could hear "agonising screams for a good five minutes" coming from inside the house before the blood-soaked animal, an American Bulldog, emerged.

Killer dog calm after attack. Chillingly, the dog was spotted sitting calmly outside the home just moments after the attack, with blood all over its paws and mouth.

Gruesome chaos. Horrifying images from inside the house show games and clothes coated in blood, as a toy gun lies in a gory pool.

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