Iphone explodes and burns the leg of cyclist causing severe skin burns

- 8/02/2016
Do you own an iPhone 6?
After reading this, you might want to watch where you keep you iPhone.

Well Gareth Clear does, or did. The 36 year old was cycling through Manly Dam, near Sydney on Sunday afternoon when his foot missed the pedal and he came off the bike.
Gareth Clear's iphone explodes and burns his leg

It wasn't a serious fall. The fall was minor, and he got up with only a few grazes.

But was shocked when he noticed smoke coming from his leg and realised his iPhone had exploded.

'It was pretty freaking painful' Gareth said.

'I suddenly saw this incredible plume of smoke,'

‘And there was a searing pain that went along with it – as though someone had pushed a huge block of ice against my leg.

It was so hot it burnt his fingers. Mr Clear said he couldn’t peel his iPhone from his leg because it burned his fingers, so resorted to using his fist to knock it off.

The burns were so severe that he had to be sent in for skin grafting.

Apple have contacted Gareth and are looking into the matter.


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