Jailed Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof attacked in prison

- 8/06/2016
Convicted Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof has been attacked in prison by another inmate.

Killer Dylan Roof

Convicted mass muderer Dylan Roof
Probably a retaliatory attack. He bruised Roof's face and back in the attack.
The convicted killer was not critically hurt . Dylan Roof was examined by jail medical personnel and then returned to his cell.

His attacker charged. Police authorities said Stafford would be charged with third-degree assault.

But surprisingly, later in the afternoon of the same day, Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon made statement to the press that Roof and his attorneys had decided not want to press charges.

His attacker was a known criminal. Stafford, who has a lengthy criminal record, is awaiting trial on first-degree assault and strong armed robbery charges.

Prison officials are being questioned. Investigating into how Stafford managed to get through a cell door that had electronic monitors to reach Roof is underway. 
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