Kind Priest stabbed by asylum seeker in Belgium after he let him in to take a bath

- 8/03/2016
An act of kindness repayed with a gruesome murder.

Asylum seekers and refugees in Europe are a sight to be pitied, being there because of the consequences of war in their own country.
Priest stabbed by asylum seeker in Belgium

But some refugees have taken things things to a whole violent level. They have repayed goodwill and hospitality with brutal crimes of murder and terror.

A priest was stabbed by an Asylum seeker in Belgium after extending a helping hand.

The priest, a man named locally as Jos Vanderlee, aged 65, let the man in after he knocked on the door asking to use the bathroom to get clean, according to reports.

He demanded money and the priest turned him down. But when the priest refused to give him money as well, he became irate and attacked him, stabbing him in the hands, prosecutors alleged.

The scary incident waa said to have occurred in Lanaken, Belgium, this afternoon.

Was most probably not terror connected, but a random act of violence. Public Prosecutor of Limburg Coppin Bruno said there was no suggestion this was terror related, according to local newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

The priest was lucky. He survived the attack with injuries.

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