Lewis Hamilton splits from Nicole Scherzinger because she came second place to his cars

- 8/16/2016
Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

I can almost hear Hamilton's beloved cars singing this to him. 
Lewis Hamilton split from Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton has revealed the real reason behind his split with sexy singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Yes its official; Lewis Hamilton has split from Nicole Scherzinger . The former couple - who have remained close friends after there split- called time on their relationship last February after dating on and off for seven years.

I know seven years is a pretty long time not to realize that you're second best—to cars! 
Top Formula one driver Lewis Hamilton has split from girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger

Speculation has been abuzz. While rumours swirled about the pair's reason for splitting up for good, Lewis has finally revealed the truth - and it's not what anyone thought. Its worse. 

The ace Formula One driver has admitted that his passion for cars sometimes means that the women in his life come second. 

Woman vs the machine. 

The pair called it quits after seven years, and this is what Lewis had to say. 

"My cars are my babies," he told Top Gear magazine.

"I used to say, when I had a girlfriend, ‘I’m taking one of the girls out, so you can come if you want, but you come second when it comes to the cars."

Not even Nicole can compete against something that sleek and fast. 

So don't hold your breath. 
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