Lose weight or lose your job Egypt state TV orders female presenters

- 8/18/2016
Quality TV broadcasting news content is always important, but sometimes, in television, appearance is everything.
Egypt state TV orders female news presenters to lose weight

Outrage. This order led to an outcry among the affected presenters and women's rights groups in the country.

What do the audience think? One of the hosts on Egypt's Channel 2 station, Khadija Khattab, said the audience should watch her most recent TV appearances and judge for themselves if she is really "fat", and whether her weight should prevent her from working.

More outrage amongst female Egypt news presenters. Another presenter complained bitterly that the situation had upset their families and that this situation of their weight issue should have been dealt with internally.

Standing their ground. Despite the backlash, sources from ERTU said they will stick by the decision.

Infact, the State TV has already pulled eight female TV presenters off air until they lose weight. But they did gave reassurances that all salaries will be paid during the weight loss period. 

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