Meet 20 year old woman who fell inlove with 60 year old man

- 8/20/2016
Never too late to fall inlove.

This is a story of a 20 year old woman who fell in love with 60 year old man who is her father's friend. 
Meet the 20 year old woman who fell inlove with her father's 60 year old friend
Leah from Nashville, Tennessee said when they met for the first time three years ago at her father's band practice, the attraction was “instant', 

She knew then and there that she had found her soulmate and their feelings for each other grew stronger, but they did not get romantically involved until 12 months after Leah confessed her feelings.
This is what the love struck woman had to say about the 60 year old man she loves. 

 "When we first met three years ago, our eyes just locked and I don’t know why but I ran up and hugged him – it just felt right.
When they again met in person, Leah says she knew instantly they were supposed to be together:

"I knew I loved him and since then nothing’s changed, my feelings have only grown with time. It was obvious that we had feelings for one another, we were meant to be together and since we started dating last year we’ve been completely inseparable."

The pair face constant criticism from the public and friends, but they've taken it in their stride and continued to wax strong. 


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