Meet four year old boy who looks like an old man with wrinkles(photos)

- 8/13/2016
He is just a child and yet he looks like an elderly man. I mean a really old man way over 70!
Four year old boy who looks like an old man

See the heart rending photos of four year old boy who looks like an old man.

Doctors are at a loss. A boy of four has left doctors stumped by a rare medical condition which makes him look like an old man .
Rare medical condition makes boy like old man

He is still so young that he isn't yet aware of how different he looks from other kids his age. Little Bayzid Sikder is totally unaware of his condition, which causes his skin to sag and gives him wrinkles.

He loves to play. The youngster loves playing football, eating his mum's dinners and enjoying cuddles with his grandad.

But Bayzid, from Magura, Bangladesh, looks more like an elderly man than a young boy who is yet to
 go to school.

Doctors fail to cure boy with rare wrinkly skin

Four year old boy like elderly man in Bangladesh

Doctors all over the country have tried. Despite Bayzid's family taking him to numerous hospitals across Bangladesh , doctors have tried and failed to come up with either a diagnosis or treatment.

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