Meet the world's most eligible man Baby faced new Duke of Westminster

- 8/11/2016
Imagine being 25,male, single and a multi Billionaire.

That's exactly what the new Duke of Westminster is.

He is the world's most eligible man and he’s only 25!
Duke of Westminster Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor

Huge inheritance. With the death of the Duke of Westminster after a suspected heart attack, Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor inherited the title - and an immense family fortune of £9.3 billion.

Looks even younger than his age. Now the young man, called “baby faced” and “absurdly rich” by Vanity Fair magazine and famed among friends for his terrible dancing and David Brent impressions, virtually owns half of London - the posh parts of Mayfair and Belgravia, of course.

Number two on the multi Billionaire rich list. Hugh is now the second wealthiest person under 30 in the world.
25 year old Duke of Westminster is world's most eligible man

He is only a 'mere' £1 billion short of Wal-Mart heir Lukas Walton’s fortune.

He is the new Duke is 3rd born in a family of three, but being the only male, he is the new heir.


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