Meet the world's strongest grandpa and watch what he does next

- 8/13/2016
Can you believe the incredible show of strength by the world's strongest grandpa in —of all places, a subway train!
Strongest grandpa in the world

The polite grandpa, in a noble display of public transport etiquette, declined a seat offered him and decided to blow our minds instead.

Someone offered 68-year-old Wayne McEntire a seat on the train.

Something amazing up his sleeves. Rather than politely accept the seat and rest his legs, he had something else in mind.

And it was awesome.
Strong old man from Texas

As seen in the photos, the white haired man made like he was about to take the offered seat, but then lifted off the floor in a jaw dropping display.

How did he do it? So what’s the secret to having the kind of strength that would make someone half his age proud?

His proud grandson gives us some insight. According to his grandson, Mr McEntire works out every day with light weights – though this was the first time he had pulled off the stunt in public.

Well 75,000 retweets later, the world's strongest grandpa is really making a global name for himself. 

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