Orlando Bloom and Katty Perry post more public photo but singer now disgusted

- 8/07/2016
Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry might be getting a bit excited by his own viral photos.

But maybe the Lord of the Rings star might be taking it too far as he continues the trend.
Actor Orlando Bloom and singer Katty Perry photos

The first photos went viral. He sent the internet into meltdown when he was pictured paddle-boarding in Sardinia.

And now, 39 year old Orlando Bloom, was in a fruity mood once more during his raunchy getaway with girlfriend Katy Perry, fondling her and smothering her with kisses on a public beach.

She was clearly dismayed and disgusted. The singer, 31, looked less than impressed with the actor's very public display of affection, turning her head and grimacing as he wrapped himself around her in the shallows and planted a kiss on her neck.

Bloom seems to be riding on the wings of public reaction to his first photos. Enjoying every bit of it.


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