Peter Andre buys actor Tom Cruise former mansion Hollywood style for £5 million

- 8/14/2016
Singer Peter Andre buys actor Tom Cruise  former mansion for a huge price of £5 million.
Peter Andre buys actor Tom Cruise former mansion

He's got the A list taste. Andre has got Hollywood taste as he's snapped up Tom Cruise's former mansion.

He bought the house from Mission impossible actor Tom Cruise. The Mysterious Girl star forked out £5 million for the luxury pad in Sussex that was once owned by Cruise.

The 43 year old Hunky Reality TV star Pete, is has already moved into the six-bedroom property with his pregnant wife Amelia and kids.

Veteran Hollywood star Tom who is one of the richest actors in the world, reportedly purchased the home, which is nestled in 14.2 acres of land in East Grinstead, West Sussex, back in 2003 for £3 million.

The house is simply a luxury and a pleasure to behold. The property features a guest house with a further two bedrooms as well as a tennis court, cinema, dance studio and outdoor swimming pool.

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