Photos of Syrians celebrating freedom from ISIS by burning niqabs and cutting beards

- 8/16/2016
They could not contain their joy after being liberated ISIS and its grip of death.
Syrians celebrate liberation
See incredible photos of Syrians celebrating freedom from ISIS by in the most unexpected ways. 

Elation, relief and rapturous joy were written in every face as men women and children laughed and cried after being liberated from the deadliest terror group in the world. 

These heartwarming photos show Syrians burning niqabs, cutting off their beards and smoking cigarettes after being freed from ISIS control.
Syrians celebrate liberation from terror group ISIS

Syrian Democratic Forces defeat ISIS

Syrians celebrate liberation from ISIS by burning niqabs and cutting their beards

The Syria Democratic Forces, with air support from coalition fighters, said last week they had taken almost complete control of Manbij, where a small number of ISIS fighters had been holed up.

Even the women came out in great numbers to celebrate. Some of the pictures show women smoking cigarettes – an activity that is prohibited by the jihadis because it is against the harsh form of Sharia law.

In others groups of men can be seen cutting off their beards while women are photographed burning their niqabs.

Children began a game of football in the bullet littered fields. Amongst many things, football was also prohibited by the terror group. 

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