Rihanna and Drake spin love as rapper eager to make her his girlfriend

- 8/04/2016
Rihanna and Drake are spinning a confusing web of vibes again.

Relationship with no title tag. Now its been confirm that Rihanna doesn't want to put "a title" on her relationship with Drake.
Rihanna and Drake relationship
Whenever they are seen together, things look steamy between The 'Kiss It Better' hitmaker and 29-year-old rapper.

Recently they rekindled their on-off romance and now insiders say the only reason the Barbadian beauty hasn't confirmed they are dating is because she doesn't want to be labelled as in a relationship. Is Rihanna growing up or just being cautious?

An insider had this to say:

 "Rihanna and Drake are hanging out a bit more lately. Rihanna loves Drake, but is still not ready to put a title on them."
Rihanna and Drake in Anti world tour

While on stage, Rihanna and Drake drove the audience—and each other wild during Rihanna's Anti World tour.
Still taking it slow. The 28-year-old R&B singer is in no rush to settle down and is taking each day as it comes despite the 'One Dance' star being besotted with her and wanting to make their relationship official.

According to a source, "Drake would make her his girlfriend in a second if he could.

"Drake has expressed to Rihanna that he only wants to date her and only her, but she wants to take day by day this time around."

However it is clear that things are going strong  between them.

The pair are believed to be completely loved-up and things are "progressing nicely"

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