See how to cure depression with Pokémon Go and it works

- 8/10/2016
Its turning out to be more than just a game. Since Pokémon Go started dominating our lives recently , it's had some surprising health impacts.
How to cure depression with Pokémon Go

Several people are feeling strange sensations in their legs as they actually walk around, and players are discovering, interesting new things around their cities. Its actually making people notice the smaller details around them.

Do you want to know how to cure depression?  Well its been proven that Pokémon Go is a sure way to go. It turns out, that in playing the virtual reality game, there might be unexpected benefits for people suffering from mental health conditions. Amazing!

Here is what Dr.John M. Grohol,  a psychologist on PsychCentral said.

users are taking to social media to report an unexpected improvement in their depression and anxiety as a result of playing the game.

Pokémon go users are increasing fast. With more people now using the app than Tinder - and Twitter soon to be overtaken - it appears that Pokémon Go is motivating users to get up and out of the house - something that's often a struggle for people suffering from depression or anxiety.

Hundreds who have used Pokémon Go to cure depression have come forward with tweets. Here are just a few of the hundreds of Tweets out there raving about the game:

#PokemonGo has already been a better treatment for my depression than anything my doctor prescribed or therapist recommended
Mental health benefits of playing Pokémon Go

 Jesseanne Pope (@gleefullyhello)
#PokemonGO has changed me so much for the better in only a week. Dealing with BPD, depression& anxiety it has helped me get out of the house

Lara (@38Violetqueen) July 11, 2016
Real talk - as someone with anxiety/depression, the fact that I've spent most of this weekend outside with friends is unreal. #PokemonGo

The game is still relatively new and researchers have not quite studied the link between playing the game and curing depression.

But one thing that's for certain: Pokémon Go has a quick and positive impact on Mental health.

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