See puncture holes on torso of four year old girl snatched by mountain lion

- 8/16/2016
You can't be too careful during a holiday.
Depending on where you are, in the midst of the joys and pleasures of a vacation, danger can lurk closer than you think.
Four year old girl snatched by mountain lion on holiday

As in the horrific incident of a four-year-old girl who was snatched by a mountain lion before she was recued from its jaws.

 The ferocious lion had snatched from a campsite and dragged her away.

Lucky to be alive. The youngster, identified as Kelsi Butt, suffered puncture wounds to her torso from the big cat's teeth following the terrifying incident on Friday evening.

Mountain lion attacks 4 year old girl

Reunion get together turned deadly. The mountain lion attack occurred when the child's family had gathered for a reunion near a hot springs in eastern Idaho when she was snatched by a young male mountain lion.

Lion killed. The animal believed to be behind the attack was later tracked and killed by authorities.

The adults saved her life. Wildlife manager Gregg Losinski said: "She was literally in the mouth of the mountain lion when the quick thinking and heroic reactions of her mother and other adults saved her life.

It was a close call that should serve as caution to those who holiday in the wild.


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