See Teenage fitness model Courtney Black amazing before and after story

- 8/04/2016
Talk about putting your health first and your image second.

That's the sort of self advice that turned the life of teenage fitness model Courtney Black around.
Teenage fitness model Courtney Black

Obsessive past. She was a teen who had used to obsess over crash dieting and over exercising.

But she has now become an Instagram sensation after ditching the extreme weight loss diet and embracing her curves.

And what curves they turned out to be!

Years of punishment. Courtney Black had punished herself for years by eating dangerously low-calorie diets and over-exercising to the point of gauntness.

Amazing turnaround. But after dropping to under seven stone and realizing how miserable her life had become, she decided to finally ditch her dreams of becoming super-skinny and embrace a healthier lifestyle.
Teenage went from thin to curves as she gained weight

She used to be the target of social media throlls. Courtney, 19, who was previously trolled for her bony physique, is now so proud of her figure she flaunts her body in a skimpy two-piece as an Instagram fitness model.

And the body positive youngster has become a hit after posting her journey on Instagram , where she now boasts nearly 100,000 fans.

She used to be painfully thin. At her skinniest, the 5ft 3ins from East London weighed a worrying 6.9 stone.

Now a curvaceous beauty. She now weighs 8 stone 5lbs and is a size 8 after embracing a healthier approach to diet and fitness.

As her desire to inspire others pushes her on, this is what she had to say;

"I lost so much weight that people would comment on my Instagram saying that I looked like I was dying.

"I love my curves now and I'm truly ashamed of how I used to eat and exercise."

Courtney Black is looking good. Its no surprise that her social media following grows everyday. 

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