See unmarried couple flogged for breaking Sharia law in Indonesia(photos)

- 8/02/2016
Shocking photos of an unmarried couple being flogged in Indonesia has emerged in gruesome detail.
Couple flogging in Indonesia

Young Indonesian couple flogged in public

Unmarried Indonesian to flogged for dating

Man and woman flogged in Indonesia for breaking Sharia law
The photos which appeared on social media shows the 'unmarried' couples being viciously flogged for violating Sharia law in Indonesia, by going on date.

The flogging which was witnessed by a large crowd, took place at Al Furqon Mosque in the city of Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

The photos show one woman weeping in agony as a hooded man metes out lashes with a rattan cane.

The beating took place on a raised on stage next to the mosque in Banda Aceh in front of a large.

The crowd, obviously enjoying the  spectacle, cheered with each lash.

Separate photos show the guilty man  standing on his feet as he received the same brutal punishment of violent beating as his female partner.

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