Shocked couple find stash of diamonds in £5 chair they bought at auction

- 8/01/2016
Talk about sitting on money.
Imagine finding money, a lot of money,  inside cheap second hand furniture.

This couple found diamonds. Actually they found a stash of diamonds inside a £5 chair they bought at an auction.

And yes; it was £5000 worth of diamonds.

UK couple find diamonds stashed in aution chair
Suprised couple find £5000 worth of diamonds stashed in £5 aution chair

A couple from South Lanarkshire UK, who picked up an old chair worth £5 at an auction about 10 years ago, have discovered a diamonds worth £5,000 hidden inside.

The old chair must have known better days as it looked nothing like the treasure found inside it.

They had no money to fix it back then. But Angela Milner-Brown, 50, and her husband Angus, 47, couldn’t afford to have it reupholstered when they first bought it. So, they stored it in the attic for six years.

This is what the couple had to say:

'We bought the chair at an auction for £5 but that was years ago now,’ explained Angela. 'It looked like a dog had slept in it and was in fairly bad condition.'

Well the upholstery money arrived a few years ago and Angus dug the chair out and took it to be fixed up.

Showered with gifts.

'My husband was taking off the cushioning material of the chair to have it reupholstered,’ said Angela. ‘There were about three or four layers that he had to rip off, and that was when he found the jewellery hidden under the final layer of material.

Her husband, a known romantic kept the find a secret and showered his wife with gifts over the coming years.


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