Stalker caught as Police arrest man stalking kendall Jenner

- 8/18/2016
A man stalking Kendall Jenner has been caught after the model cried out for help.
Police arrest man stalking kendall Jenner

He has been charged with misdemeanor stalking. According to TMZ the stalker Shavaughn McKenzie, who has been shadowing Kendall for a long time, was finally arrested over the weekend at her Hollywood Hills home.

This is how the incident played out;

"McKenzie was lying in wait for Kendall to arrive, and when she drove in her gate he followed and then banged on her car window and screamed, 

"Can I talk to you?" and that's when Kendall started screaming. 

The cops say McKenzie then tried reassuring her, saying, 

"Hey look, I don't have a gun" as he held his hands in the air to accentuate the point."

Reports reveal that McKenzie also camped out at the models West L.A. condo, once chasing her car as she left her home.

"When Kendall moved, McKenzie followed." He's now been charged with misdemeanor stalking. 

The incident clearly rattled Kendall, who has now obtained a restraining order against McKenzie. 

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