Teenage horror blogger shoots abusive step dad dead and stabs mum 30 times

- 8/08/2016
Family revenge as teenager horror blogger shoots abusive step dad dead
Teenage blogger Ashlee Martinson shoots step dad dead

She wasn't like other regular teens. Much like many teenagers looking to express themselves, Ashlee Martinson was sharing her deepest thoughts online as a teenage horror blogger.

But her deepest thoughts were scary. But rather than the typical schoolgirl fixations of make-up or boys, Ashlee was more interested in serial killers and vampires.
Teen blogger shoots abusive step dad dead and stabs mum

She had a thing for the dark stories. The 16-year-old was obsessed with horror and, under her pseudonym Vampchick, wrote dark stories and poems about death for her blog, Nightmare.

Her words had an underlying reality that haunted her in her own life. Her words were fearless but, behind them, Ashlee believed she was living in her very own horror story at home. She had an abusive stepfather and a mum who didn't seem to mind the abuse.

She wrote a poem before the incident. Days after writing a poem that included the line,

 "The sweet horrors of blood that I thirst for…"

After which Ashlee was inspired to take her brutal revenge.

On one of the days her short tempered step dad Thomas was leading up to one of his frequent abuses, she raised a shotgun and fired a bullet into his neck then another in his head.

Shocked, Jennifer her mother heard the commotion and raced to the scene.

Realising the gravity of what she’d done, Ashlee was hysterical and looked to her mum for help – but Jennifer dropped to her knees to try and save her husband. She was screaming at her daughter in disbelief for killing the man she loved.

No comfort from her devastated mother. Ashlee was horrified that her mum was taking Thomas’ side yet again.

She lost control. Her shock quickly turned to anger.

After the gruesome incident, Ashlee claimed her mum came at her with a knife, then she grabbed it off her and furiously stabbed her mother more than 30 times.

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