Terrifying as tame lion pounces on baby and bites her on live TV

- 8/17/2016
There are two things you should know about wild cats;

They are born wild and can never really be tamed. 
Lion pounces on baby girl on live TV
They instinctively sense weakness in others. 

During a live TV show, a supposedly tamed lion pounces on a baby and bites her. 

The toddler and her mum are seen sitting with the presenters, the lion and its trainers. 
Lioness attacks baby and tries to eat her on live TV

Everything appears to be going fine but as the baby begins to whine, the lioness suddenly loses it and lunges at her, she bites down the child's leg and try to claw at it. The big cat had to be dragged off the terrified little girl by its trainers before it could do further damage. 

They can be heard saying in Spanish: “Relax, relax, relax. Don’t move, don’t move.” 

Luckily, the baby wasn't seriously hurt. 

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