Toddler almost run over by truck does something amazing to escape death

- 8/03/2016
Unbelievable images of a smart toddler who avoided death by staying calm in the face of an approaching vehicle.

Smart kid. This is the moment a quick-thinking toddler almost run over by truck, does something amazing to escape.
Smart toddler almost run over by truck in China
The truck driver didn't see the toddler on time. The truck was reversing and appears not to have seen the child when it speeds up, as seen in the images.

The nail biting incident took place in an undisclosed location in China and was posted online yesterday.

In the photo, the young child can be seen kneeling in the road.

What was the child looking at? However to the viewer it's unclear what the toddler is staring at.

The truck appeared suddenly. The child can be seen looking ahead and moving around when the truck suddenly appears.
Child in China escapes being run over by truck

It reverses fast into a space while it appears unclear what has happened to the child.

The toddler is then seen rising from the ground and running of to live another day.

Thousands of children die in China road accidents every year.

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