Usain Bolt's girlfriend is a stunner as she celebrates Rio Olympics(photos)

- 8/20/2016
He is the star of the Rio Olympics.

But its time to meet
Usain Bolt's stunning girlfriend. Check out her photos. 
Usain Bolt's girlfriend

The fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt has just completed a historic nine gold medal haul at the Rio Olympics after winning the 4x100m relay with Jamaica. 

His millions of fans are estatic, but there's no other bigger fan than his stunning Jamaican lawyer and model girlfriend Kasi Bennett who couldn’t hide her excitement as she watched her man sprint his way into the record books.

Proud of her champion. Bennett took to social media to praise Bolt in a string of tweets and Instagram posts following his heroics at Rio 2016. 

Usain Bolt revealed in January that he's has been in a steady committed relationship for two years. Finally, we meet his stunning girlfriend. More photos.. 
Usain Bolt's model girlfriend

World's fastest man Usain Bolt dominates the Olympics

Usain Bolt relationship photos

usain Bolt wins 9 gold medals at Rio Olympics

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