Watch Usain Bolt pose for photos in the middle of Olympic 100 meters semi-final

- 8/15/2016
On Sunday, the world's fastest man made history to become the undisputed king of the tracks.
Usain bolt Rio Olympics 100 meters semi-final

But watch as Usain Bolt poses for photos right in the middle of running the Olympic 100 meter semi-final.

He has done again;for the 3rd time around. Usain Bolt yet again won the 100m gold medal on Sunday, beating his rivals in an impressive 9.81 seconds.

Two more ground breaking races to run to cement his sprint invisibility.

This is now the Jamaican’s third 100m gold medal, and if he defends his 200m and 4x100m titles he could have a ridiculous nine Olympic golds to his name by the end of the week.
Watch world's fastest man Usain Bolt dominate Olympic 100 meters

No other sprinter in history has managed this, and, frankly, it looks like the 29-year-old is capable of more.

Just to rub in his complete dominance over his semi-final competitors, Bolt decided to pose for a photo half-way through the race – while the rest of the field were straining every sinew in vain to try and get past him.

It was an impressive display of graceful power and speed.

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