We will kill you in your homes ISIS video threatens Vladimir Putin and Russia

- 8/01/2016
ISIS target Russia in new propaganda video.
Vladimir Putin and Russia are ISIS target in new video

Big fish. Vladimir Putin and Russia are the latest to be threatened by ISIS in a video published by one of the terror group's members.

The video which ran for nine minutes shows armed militants launching attacks on vehicles and tents and the clip ends with a masked terrorist stating Russia was its next target.

In his own chilling words;

 'Listen, Putin. We will come to Russia and kill you in your homes.'

Europe under ISIS siege.There has been a string of deadly attacks claimed by Islamic state in Europe over the past weeks. Germany, bearing the most terror attacks recently.

They never need any reason to unleash terror. The terrorists do not mention why Russia would be a target, but the Kremlin and the U.S. are now in talks of counter measures to boost military and intelligence cooperation against Islamic State and al Qaeda in Syria. Syria is known as one of ISIS strong holds.


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