We will turn you into a heap of ashes North Korea warns US army

- 8/23/2016
North Korea has continued to stand out as one of the most controversial nations on earth. This is primarily due to its dictator leader Kim Jong-un.
Recently, North Korea warns US and South Korean armies after they were spotted performing joint military exercises and threatened to turn both armies into "a heap of ashes".

Threat of retaliation. The United States and South Korea kicked off their annual military exercises today, prompting warnings of retaliation from the North - in the form of a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

Internal disillusionment amongst its own elite citizens. Tension is already heightened on the peninsula after the defection of a Pyongyang diplomat.

About 25,000 US troops are joining in the Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise, which runs until September 2.The U.S.-led U.N. Command Military Armistice Commission said it notified the North Korean army the exercises were "non-provocative" in nature.

But the assurances did not deter North Korea as they remain alert against  an attack


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