Woman falls off cruise ship and survives for 38 hours in jelly fish infested waters

- 8/17/2016
Her dream cruise turned into a nightmare when she fell off the gigantic cruise ship and into jellyfish infested waters.
Chinese woman falls off cruise ship and survives
38 hours later, she was still alive and kicking. 

A woman who fell off a cruise ship and drifted at sea for 38 hours ' should be in the Olympics ' after surviving to tell the incredible tale.

It was a freak accident and a long drop. 32-year-old woman, known only as Ms Fan, fell overboard after leaning too far over the fourth deck last Wednesday – the same height as a seven-storey building.
32 year old Chinese woman falls off cruise ship and survives for 38 hours

Two days is a long time to be alive in the open sea without any support. Incredibly, Ms Fan, from Shanghai in China, survived with only minor injuries despite having nothing to cling onto when she fell, not wearing a lifejacket and treading water for nearly two days.

Her parents who had been on the cruise with her had already given up hope. She was rescued by fishermen in waters south of Shanghai on Friday morning before being taken to a local hospital after not eating or drinking for 38 hours.

Her amazing story has gone viral on social media, with one person saying she should be in the Olympics for enduring and surviving such a feat. 

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