Woman shoots fiance in neck with arrow as American's got Talent stunt goes wrong

- 8/03/2016
America's go talent is a show where any thing can happen. In terms of talent display I mean.
America's got Talent stunt goes horribly wrong

But in the desperate bid to win that top price of the most talented in America, some people will go to extreme and some times dangerous lengths to prove their point.

A woman shot her fiance in the neck with a flaming arrow in front of live audience.
But It's not often you see a stunt go horribly wrong on a well-oiled talent show.
America's got Talent routine goes wrong as woman shoots fiance in the neck

But on Tuesday night, a flaming arrow routine on America's Got Talent did just that. A scary routine turned almost tragic.

The honours for this teeth chattering routine belonged to daredevil duo Amber and Ryan Stock, who have been in a relationship for 16 years.

They were performing in front of the judges and the live audience when Amber completely missed her target.

With all the practice, she still missed her target. She was supposed to hit the round target which fiance and sword swallowing specialist Ryan was holding in his mouth, but instead she struck him in the neck.

The Judges and the audience watched on in horror as the spectacle unfolded.

Luckily, no life was lost.

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