Woman takes her first bath in 30 years after overcoming fear of water

- 8/02/2016
Let's play a game. Close your eyes and imagine not taking a bath for a whole week; Okay? Done that?

Good, now imagine not taking a bath for 30 years!

Donna McMahon didn't need to imagine anything. This was her reality for three decades.

Well that is exactly how long mother Donna McMahon went – that is up until this year when she finally overcame her fear of water.

A childhood incident gave her an acute fear of water. The 35 year old from Liverpool hadn’t stepped under a shower head since 1986 following an incident on holiday aged five which left her terrified of water.

She is actually terrified of liquids going over her head.

How did she survive this?

Well Ms McMahon got by for three decades spending hours trying to wash her hair in small sections while only in a shallow bath.

Believe it or not. Hypnotism saved her. After spending just 60 minutes with ‘The Hypnotist Man’, Robert Hisee, the mother of two was cured (and able to shower).

Now she can breathe a sigh of relief and we can breathe a whiff of fresh air.

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