Angelina Jolie gets help from Johnny Depp for her divorce from Brad Pitt

- 9/28/2016
The Brangelina divorce is getting weirder by the day. Angie is getting some divorce advice from an unlikely person. And it isn't who you'd expect

Angelina Jolie is reportedly getting  some pro advice from the only source that makes sense when you're currently the most famous person to file for divorce: the last most famous person to get a divorce, Johnny Depp.

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp

A well forged friendship.Jolie and Depp filmed The Tourist together in 2009, where it is rumored they formed a tight friendship and have remained close ever since. According to a source at the Sun:

Close bond. The two of them have stayed in touch ever since the movie and spoke regularly during the storm that surrounded Johnny’s break up with Amber.

Sorry Brad Pitt, but Depp is giving her some seriously damaging tips. 

The pair are in fact so close that, according to the source at The Sun, the blood-wearing mother of six even hired his divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, on his recommendation.

You can't blame Angelina Jolie anyway. Not a bad choice, considering Depp's ex-wife Amber Heard filed for divorce at the end of May and they were already sending the settlement check to charity by August.

That is nothing short of genius. 

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