Angelina Jolie was obsessed with becoming head of UN causing tension with Brad Pitt

- 9/27/2016
It appears that Angelina's political ambition played a major role in the rising tension that plagued Her marriage and led to the divorce. irreconcilable differences indeed.
Angelina Jolie was obsessed with becoming UN leader

The fact is Angelina Jolie was obsessed with becoming the head of the United Nations … that it became a major caused of the marital issues that led to divorce from  Brad Pitt.

Politics and love and family don't always mix so well. According to TMZ, Brad became increasingly upset over Angelina’s political ambitions.  So much so that  … her  dream is to become the top UN official. 

She kind of saw herself like a politician on the rise and already had all the props for it in place. 

The gossip website is also reporting that she has 2 political advisers and a “war room” to help with decisions and image.

Brad's problem was her exposing their kids in potentially dangerous situations when she travelled with them to war torn areas. He had issues with that, and was especially upset that Angelina had taken the kids to various unsafe countries, including Lebanon and Iraq.
Angelina Jolie fought with Brad Pitt over their kids

She took certain precautions to safe guard the kids, but Brad didn't think it was enough. Angelina would always make sure to bring a security team that was the best of the best on her trips … but for Brad, it still wasn’t enough.

Things reportedly got extremely tense when Brad and Angelina argued over taking the kids to Syria to help rebuild the war torn country..

Sources say Brad was always supportive of Jolie’s solo charity work, but travels with the kids became a bone of contention for several years.

He had always been supportive, but needed her to keep the kids out of it. 

Since 2001, Jolie has been on field missions around the world and met with refugees and internally displaced persons in more than 20 countries, including Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand, Ecuador, Kosovo, Kenya, Namibia, Sri Lanka, North Caucasus, Jordan, Egypt, New Delhi, Costa Rica, Chad, Syria, and Iraq, to name a few, and most recently visited earthquake victims in Haiti on her latest trip to help survivors of conflict and natural disaster.

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