Crazy as Simon Cowell resigns X factor winner James Arthur 2 year after axing him

- 9/18/2016
Simon Cowell used to think a great deal of him after his X factor win. But after a series of career wrecking incidents, Cowell got fed up and weilded the axe.

He dropped him like a red hot brick in 2014 amid a raft of controversy, his future as a solo artist looked bleak.
Simon Cowell resigns X factor winner James Arthur in shock move

But guess what!  Good old opportunistic Simon Cowell resigned X factor winner James Arthur

You must understand that this ingenious move comes just days after Arthur announced his comeback last week, the X Factor winner has pulled off a stunning return by topping the iTunes chart.

Now, in an extraordinary turn of events, I can reveal James has come full circle and been re-signed by Simon’s Syco Records.

He rushed in to snatch him up before any others could e. And I’m told it was the X Factor boss himself who pounced first ahead of circling rivals after seeing the huge success James’s new single was having.

This is what a music source revealed: 
"Over the last few years James has kept in touch with Simon.

"Simon has always thought James is a real talent but as soon as he heard the record he made up his mind to re-sign him.

"James has grown up a lot and realises he made mistakes in the past. Simon knows this.

"Syco will distribute James’s new album in the UK when it comes out later this year.”

James sold millions of records during his first stint at Syco after winning The X Factor in 2012, but his dream quickly fell to pieces.

The singer self-destructed with a series of inappropriate Twitter rants and an ill-fated rap battle.

After standing by him for as long as he could, Simon finally wielded the axe two years ago — which I revealed — and ditched James from Syco, leaving him without a record label.

He later admitted: “I think James unfortunately has had so many issues with what he has done.

“Somebody should have told him to shut up and just put the records out.”

This is the first time Simon Cowell will resign an artiste after dropping him. 

We are glad he did, because since James Arthur has cleaned up his act and dropped his prescription drug habit, he has become quite a star with his music rising steadily in the charts. 


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