Embattled Comedian Bill Cosby receives trial date for sexual assault charge

- 9/22/2016
Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby has received a trial date for the sexual assault charge leveled against him.
Bill cosby sexual assault charge
 But a judge has pointed out that the star is clinically blind, and will have to recieve the proper requirements for his health condition during the trial.

A quick trial is expected. "This case now 252 days from filing of criminal complaints,” Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill said in his Pennsylvania courtroom. “There is a right to a speedy trial.”

The criminal case against the 79-year-old actor involves a single 2004 encounter at his homenear Philadelphia with former Temple University employee Andrea Constand. But prosecutors might be allowed to introduce evidence of other acts, even though no charges were brought in those cases, to show a pattern of behavior.

The sexual assault charge against the Veteran comic presents a tight case for the defense. Prosecutors said they reviewed accusations made against Cosby by about 50 women and concluded 13 should be allowed to testify. 

Intimate and vivid testimony expected during the trial. At least one said she declined his offer of quaaludes but accepted Champagne that she believed was spiked. She later woke up naked in a hotel room and said she had been sexually assaulted.

Cosby whose illustrious career is in shambles, has denied all criminal charges against him. 


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