Finally Madonna and Guy Ritchie settle bitter custody battle over son Rocco

- 9/08/2016
After months of an ugly custody battle over son Rocco, Madonna and Guy Ritchie have come to terms over where their teenage son will make his abode.

Yes! After tons of negative publicity and grueling hours of see saw legal drama, two 'loving' Parents Madonna and Guy Ritchie have settled their bitter custody battle over where their son Rocco should live. 

Guy Ritchie and Madonna settle child custody case

The custody disagreement began in December 2015 during a falling out between Rocco and his musician mother when he abandoned her Rebel Hearts tour, heading to London to live with his father and his wife Jacqui and refused to return to America to start the school term in January.

Rocco chose sides and this triggered a legal battle between his parents, especially when the teenager ignored a court order to fly back from Ritchie's London home to live with Madonna in New York.
Guy Ritchie and Rocco to live together in London

For months the former couple fought constantly over child-rearing issues as Madonna was the disciplinarian and felt Guy was way too permissive.

The terms were accepted by both sides. The 47-year-old director has now reached a settlement with the pop star, 58, hours before they were due in court in New York on Wednesday. Although the terms of their agreement remain confidential, it was revealed that Rocco will be schooled in London, with regular visits from his mother, whom he reconciled with some months ago.

Speaking outside the court Guy's lawyer, Peter Bronstein, said that the 16-year-old-year-old would continue to live with his father in London. Everyone’s agreed to that and there’s no further need for any kind of a court case.'


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