How Dwayne Johnson went from WWE star to world's highest paid actor

- 9/21/2016
Its been a long and success filled road for the Scorpion king star. A lot has changed over the years for the wrestler turned actor who is now a father to two beautiful daughters.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson

The Rock-Dwayne Johnson is world's highest-paid male actor this year according to Forbes, and he recently launched his own production company called Seven Bucks Productions.

It all began in the squared circle. Dwayne Johnson first made a splash as the Rock in WWE back in 1996 with his People's Eyebrow and signature Rock Bottom move, and now he's making headlines for his upcoming roles in Hollywood movies Jumanji and Disney's Moana.   

 For starters, its his unique talent that brought him fame, and a staggering amount of money.

Far from just seven bucks of course, he is currently in top acting form and blazing a trail of entertainment success wherever he goes. 
WWE Star turned Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson

What do you think about the Rock's incredible rise in the entertainment industry? 

It doesn't matter what you think!  Is probably what the Rock would reply as he jokes with one of his pop

But despite all the changes, one thing has remained the same: Dwayne's million-dollar smile.

 Today, we're proud to have witnessed the humble starts and the soaring rise of one of the truly talented entertainers in the world. 

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