Idris Elba shows off his James Bond body as he works to replace Daniel Craig as 007

- 9/23/2016
It seems that showing a bit of bum or going topless really gets boardroom opinions spinning out of control, when it comes to deciding who the next James Bond will be.
Actor Idris Elba shows off his body for James Bond

Especially since Daniel Craig hasn't shown any interest in playing 007 again. 

When Tom Hiddleston bared his backside during a sex scene in The Night Manager, he was launched into contention to play James Bond.

But now it appears Idris Elba, his arch rival to fill Daniel Craig's shoes, is ramping up his own on screen nudity in a last ditch bid to get the 007 gig should it become vacant.

Its all about Naked ambition. Idris could be trying to improve his chances of landing the Bond role by baring his bum in his new movie 'A Hundred Streets' 
Hunky Luther star Idris Elba

The explicit scene gives us a proper view and also gives Bond executives something to think about. 

In the movie, while in the throws of passion, Idris, who plays ex rugby superstar Max, lies naked on top of his estranged wife Emily, played by GEMMA ARTERTON, and viewers will see the actor’s bare bottom from a variety of angles.

A source said: “Idris is pulling out the big guns to become one of Hollywood’s leading men.

The source also let us know that appeal is not Idris' problem. 

“In the past, he has regularly made Sexiest Men lists, but has been fairly restrained in getting his kit off for roles.
Idris Elba wants to play new 007 James Bond

“This will prove a big leap for him and may push him back towards being the hot favourite to play Bond.”

The movie is surely a stepping stone to being the world's most famous spy. 

It gets its premiere on November 8, and it sees Elba's character Max struggle with life on the celebrity circuit and on the brink of losing the plot.

He is known for really getting into character. I’m also told Idris snorts so much fake cocaine’ throughout the film he suffered nose bleeds during filming for his extreme role to date.

A source adds: “Idris has always had edgy roles, but this is on another level, and this is set to be one of the most talked about of the year."

But if he wants to make the cut, he’ll need to be smoother than that if he’s going to seduce the Bond Girls. 

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