Imagine using a toilet made of gold and nicknamed America

- 9/17/2016
Going to the toilet is getting expensive at least for a limited time.

Check out this incredible toilet made of gold and given the nickname "America". What makes it even more fascinating is that when you use it, you are literally going to toilet on America. 

Toilet made of gold

Not a very flattering or patriotic gesture. But the creators of this truly beautiful toilet bowl, consider it a work of art—nothing more. 

If you like art that’s as literal as can be, then you will adore Italian sculptor Maurizio Cattelan’s fully functional gold toilet sculpture at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. 

The toilet, titled “America,” is a fully working, 18-carat gold interactive installation, so you can actually flush whatever you want to down America and everyone will think it’s very civilized. I mean, it’s art. 

No, really — the museum on Fifth Avenue replaced a regular porcelain toilet in one of its unisex bathrooms, so for a limited time only, you can go to the bathroom on a gold toilet.


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