Incredible photo of little girl chasing after a cheetah shocks the internet

- 9/05/2016
Imagine seeing your beloved toddler stuck inside a dangerous wild cat enclosure at a zoo.

I bet your reaction won't be so different from Nadya's, the woman who spotted her little niece in the exact same situation... at the mercy of a Cheetah. 

Photo of little girl chasing after a cheetah

And Nadya Chandler’s heart almost skipped a beat when she first saw it. 

The little girl chasing after a cheetah shocked her even more. 

It appeared her three-year-old niece had managed to get inside the enclosure with the big cat at Paignton Zoo in Devon, England. The zoo visit was such fun until she got the horror of her life. 

But the 25-year-old quickly realised that a clever trick of the light had made it appear that Layla was running on the other side of the glass, when it was in fact her reflection.

Layla’s parents Dan Quigley, 24, and Charlotte, 28, were left scratching their heads trying to wrap their heads around the optical illusion.

The image quickly went viral online, leaving social media users just as baffled.

The big cat appeared to be running for its life. Layla appears to be chasing after the cheetah inside the big cat enclosure. 

Nadya, a waitress from Paignton was able to figure out the amazing optical illusion... To her relief, that was all it turned out to be—an illusion. 

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