Japan lifts its ban on dancing after 67 years

- 9/18/2016
Did you know that you are forbidden to dance in a Japan?

But here is some good news for the people beautiful Asian country:
Japan has lifted its ban on dancing. 

Yes; Japan has lifted it's ban on dancing —finally. 

The unbelievable ban has been in place for 67-years!  
And it ensured that you couldn't dance without a dancing license from authorities. 

Japan lifts its ban on dancing
Weirder still, previous rules stated that even if you had the dancing license , they still only allow you to dance until midnight and then I guess everyone has to immediately go back to not dancing and instead just walking like normal humans?

 It was the aftermath of the war that brought about such seemingly harsh rules. According to The Independent, the laws were put into place after the second World War due to dance halls often being used for prostitution.

 And no, they never thought to change the law since then, though police often just let it slide when they saw people dancing (I’m guessing because they knew it was a ridiculous law that shouldn’t still exist).
Japanese 67 year ban on public dancing lifted

A pro-dance advocate Spearheaded the return to dance campaign. 
Thanks to a campaign by Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto to bring back the magic of legal dance (and pressure from the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics), they were able to collect 150,000 signatures to restore dancing to Japan. 

Finally the government says you can dance!  But don't get too excited yet—The new law was ratified last week and will go into effect next year. So, yes, that means any 2016 dancing will have to be put off until then.

 Sorry, 2016 Japan but you'll just have to keep those dancing shoes under lock for a little while longer. I mean what's waiting for a few more months to dance the Salsa, when you've waited for 67 years? 

I trust that until then, you will dance at home by yourselves—secretly. 


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