Jim Carrey fights late girlfriend Cathriona White wrongful death lawsuit

- 9/20/2016
Actor and comedian Jim Carrey is fighting wrongful death allegations brought against him that he contributed to his late girlfriend Cathriona White’s death from overdose of prescription drugs.
Jim Carrey fights wrongful death lawsuit of Cathriona White suicide

Strangely it his late girlfriend's ex husband who is leveling the charge against the bereaved star. As previously reported, White’s estranged husband, Mark Burton, is suing the actor for wrongful death.

Here is what an angry Carrey had to say about the allegations:

"What a shame. It would be easy for me to get back in a room with this man’s lawyer and make this go away, but there are moments in life when you have to stand up and defend your honor against the evil in this world. I will not tolerate this heartless attempt to exploit me or the woman I loved,” Carey said in a statement to Us Weekly. 

The actor continued:

"Cat's troubles were born long before I met her and sadly her tragic end was beyond anyone's control. I really hope someday soon people will stop trying to profit from this and let her rest in peace."

She suffered from depression. Cathriona White was separated from Burton and was dating The Bruce Almighty actor on and off prior to her death.

 According to the autopsy report released by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office, her death was caused by “multiple drug effects” and was ruled a suicide.

There was no signs of foul play. The toxicology report noted that she had four prescription drugs in her system — including Ambien, Percocet and Propranolol — at the time of death.

Jim's lawyer has claimed that the star never offered White his own prescription medications, which were also legally obtained from his doctor contrary to reports. 


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