Leonardo Dicaprio helps elderly couple with directions and they don't even recognize him

- 9/20/2016
Many times we tend not to notice The celebrities around us, even when we meet them face to face.
Leonardo Dicaprio taking a walk in New York
A sight like Leonardo Dicaprio taking a walk in New York broad daylight is supposed to be easy to spot right? 

Probably because we never so much as dreamed that we could one day come up close and personal with them. So when that face to face moment actually occurs, we tend to unconsciously shut our minds to the possibility. And we may not even notice our celebrity Idols right before us 

After attending Thursday's Our Ocean conference in Washington DC with John Kerry, Leonardo DiCaprio took his dog out for a walk around the Hudson River on Friday. 

He was just enjoying a walk with the flimsiest of disguises. (If you could even call it that) The Oscar winner was joined by pal Richie Akiva, and during their stroll, the men were approached by an elderly couple, who appeared to not recognize him, and asked for directions. 

Being the friendly New Yorker that he is, Leo happily pulled out his phone and helped them. Perhaps it was Leo's newsboy cap and sunglasses that finally helped him go incognito?

Humility and celebrity do not always go hand in hand, but in the rare occasions that they do, it is usually one of the most heart warming sights to see. 

Kudos to Leo for not pulling any celebrity weight or attitudes during the intriguing encounter. 


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