Lionel Ritchie comments on daughter Sofia Ritchie and Justin Beiber relationship

- 9/07/2016
Lionel Ritchie might know alot about love and love songs, but someone close to him has forbidden him to speak about it—his daughter.

Yes you read it right. Lionel Ritchie has been put under strict instructions not to talk about his daughter Sofia Ritchie's relationship with Justin Bieber 

Lionel Ritchie comments on daughter Sofia Richie's relationship with Beiber

I'm sure he has quite alot to say about it, but he kept his word to his daughter. He didn't talk about it. And the music legend looked suitably uncomfortable as he was asked about his 18-year-old girl's budding romance with Justin Bieber. 

Lionel was quizzed as he left a juice bar in Beverly Hills with Sofia over the weekend.

Asked about the pair dating, he declared: "I'm not going there," waving his hand. "I have strict instructions not to go there."
Sofia opted to walk away
Asked if he approved of their relationship, Lionel mumbled as he continued to walk along the street.

Eventually, it all got too much for Sofia who started running towards her car, saying she was feeling "uncomfortable".

Her father finally made some sort of comment about their affair. 

Lionel appeared more laid back about the questions, saying he would "have to work out" if he could ever duet with the Sorry star.


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